Productivity and how to go about it (the 10 laws)

Midway through my workday, as I was tucking into my last remaining Iced Mince Pie – I stumbled upon this wonderful blog post on the “10 Laws of Productivity”.

What are the rules I hear you think…

  1. Break the seal of hesitation.
  2. Start small.
  3. Protoype, prototype, prototype.
  4. Create simple objectives for projects, and revisit them regularly.
  5. Work on your project a little bit each day.
  6. Develop a routine.
  7. Break big, long-term projects into smaller chunks or “phases.”
  8. Prune away superfluous meetings (and their attendees).
  9. Practice saying “No.”
  10. Remember that rules – even productivity rules – are made to be broken.

I would recommend taking a look at the actual blog post: provided for your view pleasure by…

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What to do: If your tech gets stolen

Loosing your Tech

It not something we like to think about, but sadly there are a lot of people out who prefer to make a dishonest “quick buck” from your tech. They want what’s yours and may get it by any means. And with street crime (and Pick Pocketing) on the up it’s best to know how you can best protect your virtual, financial and home life.

Gizmodo UK, One of the websites I follow had a feature story about one of the authors Chris Mills, who was recently mugged. Chris had the unenviable task of securing his personal life before he could start getting over the ordeal itself. Part of this, Chris wrote a comprehensive list of what he had to do following the mugging to ensure normality could resume as quick as possible.…

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Sync Facebook Events (Birthdays and Events) to iPhone/iPad (Free) – Revisited

Further to my previous post on how to SyncFacebook Events (Birthdays and Events) to iPhone/iPad  : Sync Facebook Events and Birthdays to iPhone Calendar (for FREE!) Facebook reformatted the layout, hence the need for a revised “how to”.

The Solution…

First of all, you need to find the Facebook Events iCal url (using my laptop and iPhone separately).

To do this:

A note on the links that copy: The birthday URL you copy will begin with: webcal://… and the events URL you copy will begin with: webcal://… The key difference being b.php and u.php. It’s only a slight note, but should you find you only get birthdays, or only get events

Follow the same procedure for each link and your done.…

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Silverstripe 3 – New ORM

People who know me and my clients know I love SilverStripe. Find below the latest from Sam Minnée – CEO SilverStripe.

Sam Minnée, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of SilverStripe, has shaped the SilverStripe Suite and is part of its success story as an internationally respected Open Source CMS.

One of the parts of SilverStripe 3 that I was most heavily involved with was the development of the new ORM. ORM stands for “Object-relational mapper” and it’s the part of the system that turns your DataObject::get() calls into SQL queries, and constructs relevant DataObjects with the results. In other words, it maps our PHP objects to a relational database for storage.

The biggest change we’ve made to the ORM in SilverStripe 3 is how it fetches sets of records.…

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Top 10 Free Online Storage Apps

Article I found on Freelance Switch:

Cloud computing oppens new opportunities for freelancers. One of them is free online file synchronization and storage. Nowadays you can sync your PC files and manage your documents on the go. Share files with your employer or other freelancers. Make an online backup or roll back to previous file version. All these actions are possible with modern online file sharing applications.

Here are the top ten online storage and file sync services that are suitable for freelancing document needs:




Dropbox is a leading folder sync tool. Dropbox gives 2GB free online file storage, which may be increased up to 8GB. Install Dropbox software on PC, Mac, Linux, or mobile devices. Put files you want to store in your Dropbox folder, share a folder with someone, or sync files with other device.…

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Freebie: Facebook Fan Page GUI PSD

A wonderful article I found… take a look:

Today we are glad to release a yet another freebie: a Facebook Fan Page GUI PSD, designed by Hike and released for Smashing Magazine and its readers. The PSD will speed up the process of creating previews, thus sparing you from drawing all the comps and letting you customize all the texts, buttons and data as you need. All layers are vectorized, allowing you to scale up the GUI without loss of quality. The mock-up is 100% pixel-accurate, it has 4 viewing modes (default wall, wireframe wall, default tab, wireframe tab), all layers labeled and grouped. Smart guides are included. The PSD is compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS3+.

With every update Facebook performs to its fan page design, Hike reproduces it 24 hours later and updates its download link with the latest version.…

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The Lost Art Of Design Etiquette

Here is a wonderful article I found on Smashing Magazine.

Endless layers in Photoshop. Overstuffed image folders. That jQuery plug-in that has 12 files associated with it. Hundreds or thousands of individual pieces go into making a website. No wonder we go off the deep end when we can’t find a closing div — er, section tag. We work with a ridiculously large number of things, and how we organize them (or choose not to) is often left to personal preference. But our messy habits result in confusion for the designer or developer who inherits your work.

Does it really need to be this way?

Us Vs. Them?

The great divide between designers and developers is well documented. Designers complain when developers would rather backgrounds not have any images.…

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Sync Facebook Events and Birthdays to iPhone Calendar (for FREE!)

Please note, this has been update here: Facebook Events (Birthdays and Events) to iPhone/iPad (Free) – Revisited to incorporate Facebook changes and the IOS6 update

Between my work life, home life, social life and band… I now look after close to 15 email accounts and I think it’s 5 calendars. When ever I get asked “can you make that date” it takes me some time to find out the answer to that simple question…

The answer (I think), is that I live on my iPhone (much the the dismay of my wife) and with this in mind, why not have an all in one solution?

Current Solutions:

As I already have my Google (home and band) calendar synced to my phone the next step is to sync my Facebook (Social and band) calendar to it.…

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Better Facebook Fan Pages

An interesting read I stumbled upon about the trick to designing better facebook pages.

Facebook has changed all of our lives. Whether you’ve ever had an account or even visited the website, it’s difficult to ignore the hundreds of Facebook’s “Like” and “Share” badges seen all around the modern web. The blogosphere is constantly buzzing with comments and shares over Facebook.

Knowing the popularity of Facebook, it’s commonplace to create a fan page for any community or website launch. This provides an outlet for your fans to get together in one place to share ideas, photos, questions, and reviews. This type of marketing works in any corporate or personal situation, thus it’s perfect for businesses and events.

In this particular post, I’ll be going into a few useful tips to put together an amazing fan page.…

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PEW PEW Guitars!

I am a geek for gadgets, so here is one that really got my attention!

What could be more dangerous than a rockstar with a guitar? How about a rock star with a guitar with freakin’ lasers attached to it! Okay maybe these lasers don’t exactly burn through things, but the Laser Pitch Detection Pickup system utilizes lasers mounted on the guitar in order to detect the pitch of a string before it is even plucked.

By detecting the pitch before the string is played, the latency when recording could become significantly lower. This allows a musician to transform their six string guitar into an efficient MIDI synthesizer using an interface or special pickup. By reducing the delay between the musician’s plucking and the resultant tone, the MIDI recorder is able to better synchronize its sound.…

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